“I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.”

Flannery O´Connor


“The book taught me a great deal. It helped me to release resistance. Since I read it my life has changed and become so much better. The book was a kick-off for happiness and insights”. 

The name of the book Short Journey Home comes from Janosch´s storyboook The Trip To Panama. In it the Bear and the Tiger search for their paradise and finally find it – at their home.

That´s what us humans are like, too. We spend our lives searching for Something even though all we need is right here.

The Short Journey Home is a summary of everything I read and learned in the two years I decided to do nothing. Instead of doing nothing, I kept reading.  I found myself on a path that took me further away from where I had been. But did it take me home?

It took me somewhere but the journey goes on. 

Only available in Finnish at the moment. The English translation under process. 

“What a delightful book! I smiled, laughed and debated with it. It is amazing how similar your spiritual path is to mine”.



After writing my first book, I thought I knew all that I needed to know. Well, turned out I didn´t. 

The God-question just did  not leave me alone.  I started asking why we, even in the secular North, still bury our dead in churches, even though so few of us believe in the Divinity the churches have been built for. 

What does God even mean?

The God-question led me to ponder questions of consciousness and reality, both of which still remain unsolved by scientists.

Behind everything there is still the Great Mystery, the Something that we neither cannot figure out nor get rid of. 

The name of the book, “The Great Thought. Should We Give God Still A Chance” comes from the physicist Sir James Jeans´ observation, that the Universe looks more like a great thought than a great machine. 

Only available in Finnish at the moment. The English translation under process. 

“What an honest, fun and wise book”

A reader´s comment


“You cannot get mad with it. It is such an honest book”. 

A conservative Christian   


IRRESISTABLE. A book about how releasing resistance makes you invincible. 

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