We are doing better than ever.

We could do even better if we stopped searching for answers from outside and looked for them within us instead.

This truth dawned me some years ago when my life as I knew it fell apart. 

Since nothing I had learned until then seemed to work, I started looking for answers elsewhere, 

from ancient wisdom traditions.

I found meditation. It saved not only my life but above all my soul.

My journey did not end there even though the title of my first book Lyhyt matka perille (The Short Journey Home) suggests this.

I understood that meditation is not the goal but a way to change our brainwaves so that we can tap in our creative power. 

It takes us to insights, innovations and real breakthroughs.

And it is breakthroughs our world needs.

The world needs you.

And your age makes no difference.


Meditation is an ancient brain exercise, that increases gray matter in our frontal lobes, the most advanced part of our brain, and decreases it in the primitive part.

What does this mean?

It means that with regular meditation practice our ability to solve problems gets better and our creativity gets a boost. 

It also means that we can manage our stress better.

In meditation our brains tune into beta, gamma and theta waves, the last one of which is the most creative state we can achieve. 

When we are on theta, we are invincible.

I call meditation zeroying out because this is what meditation is: getting into a zero-state. 

That is where we begun our journey: in our mothers´ wombs, in absolute peace and quiet.



Our brains perform best in peace and quiet. This is also where our creativity flourishes. This is good to keep in mind when solving the global challenges we are now facing, none of which us too big for us to tackle.


Stress kills and sucks joy out of our lives. Fortunately you don´t have to go far to find peace. With some practice you will find it within. That is where you also find answers to all our questions.


Joy is like a butterfly. Chase it and it flies away. Stay still and it may sit on your hand. In the core of joy there is the notion that everything is connected to everything. When you realize this, you will never feel lonely again.


Most of us perform life instead of living it. But a fulfilling life does not consist of achievements and performance but presence. We spend only little time with our important people. Could we change this?


Once upon a time I worked as a design educator. 

For a long time I thought that spirituality and design had nothing in common.

Then I found Buckminster Fuller, the designer/architect/innovator/philosopher.

Fuller wasn’t only a brave design thinker. He was also a genuinely spiritual man.

Fuller´s example encouraged me to search for the connection between design thinking and spirituality.

The common ground of these turned out to be exactly what the world needs. 

I call it Inner Sustainability.

In the Inner Sustainability workshops sustainability is considered in a meaningful context.

We go outside our comfort zones, into the liminal state. This is where change happens.

And it is where miracles occur.

The workshops start with inspiring talk, followed by exercises, discussions and reflection.


My books have been received well, for which I am very grateful. 

My readers are the best! I hope you can join them very soon.

Why did bad things happen to a decent person? How did she cope? The English title of my first book would be something like “The Short Journey Home. On Meditation, Life And Love”.

It is a tragicomic survival story and an every person´s guide to spirituality.


“The Great Thought. Should We Give God One More Chance?” is a report of the year I pondered God, full-time. I wanted to understand what God is all about and why we still talk about Her.

The book is a self-ironic tale of a woman lost in the greatest mystery of humankind. She turns every stone to find answers but does she find any?


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I am Kati Reijonen PhD, mom, design educator, meditation teacher, writer and a full-time wonderer. After many years overseas, I now live in Eastern-Helsinki, Finland, in an old run down house with my rescue-dog Luca. I dream of moving to Portugal by the ocean. I love sun and the sea. 

My main hobby is trying to solve the mystery of life. I am fascinated by theoretical physics and quantum theory. But what I really love is lazing around, doing absolutely nothing. I am a mean vegan cook and the only thing I am scared of is a blood pressure monitor.