The world is a mess. The climate change shows us no mercy. We are running out of time but instead of joining our forces to tackle the challenges, we have become more divided than ever.

Sustainability is defined as a determination to leave our planet for the future generations in a better state than it was when we received it.

What drives us to make good decisions and enlightened choices? 


Worry is not a good motivator. It is a negative emotion and holds us back instead of energizing us for action.

In order to save our planet, we need to cultivate compassion and creativity instead of worry. We need to realize that we are in this mess together. All this requires introspection. We need to stop and get aligned with who we really are.

We are not achievers or competitors. We are human beings, not human doings. We possess all the wisdom, creativity and, above all, love to make the right decisions and good choices.

Inner sustainability means taking responsibility of our actions, in the deepest possible sense. It works on two levels:

It makes us compassionate operators in our ecosystem by making us realize we are integral parts of it. There is no separation. Science is now backing up what the world wisdom traditions have known for thousands of years: we are one. There is only one of us here. We are all made of dust of the stars long since died. We are the energy that has always been and will always be. We breath the same air and walk under the same sun.

It makes us feel better about ourselves. We become calmer, more composed and at peace with ourselves, the life we are living and the world we are a part of.


Kati Reijonen has spent years in studying and learning ancient wisdom traditions. She has developed simple brain exercises, based on meditation and mindfulness, that train our “monkey minds” to stay more focused, calm and aware. These methods calm restless minds and make people more centered and in tune with the processes of the Universe.

Numerous medical studies have shown that regular meditation changes our brains by increasing gray matter in our frontal lobes, the home for our creativity and reason, and by decreasing it in the primitive part of the brain, the reptilian brain, that releases stress hormones and gets us on the fight-or-flight mode when we experience something scary. It has have saved us from the attack of sable tooth tigers but it is of little use in our modern lives.

Stress is the number one killer in modern life and the ultimate cause for both mental and physical illness. Stress is not something that happens, it’s a way to respond to what happens. The simple act of sitting in stillness and quieting the mind helps us to cope with the challenges of our lives.

Meditative mind exercises also make us proactive instead of reactive and help us to tap in our endless resources of creativity.

Kati Reijonen ́s unique approach is a combination of mindfulness and what has become to be known as design thinking. Design thinking is a creative, out-of-the-box – approach to problem solving. The name Design thinking is actually misleading as design is not so much about thinking as it is about tacit knowledge and flow – that is, non-thinking. It is in the thoughtless state that we are most creative.

Kati is inspired by the legacy of the legendary architect/designer/philosopher Buckminster Fuller. Fuller dedicated his life for the good of the humankind and shows with his example what a determined and passionate individual can accomplish when he steps out of his comfort zone and offers himself for service of others.


In the Inner Sustainability workshops sustainability is placed in a meaningful context. The participants are pushed into the liminal state, also known as un-comfort zone, where true change takes place.

The sessions start with an inspiring talk, followed by exercises, discussions and reflection. The length of the workshop is typically 3 hours.

All the participants receive a meditation guide written by Dr Reijonen, in PDF-format, to help to keep up the practice even after the workshop.

Interested in the workshops? Contact me and I tell you more.

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