My open letter to transwomen

 I first met a transgender person in the early 1990s, when I organized a discussion on transsexuality at the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. The event was attended by former Tero, current Teresa and her father. Teresa was a delightful person and her story was fascinating.But to be honest, I remember her father better. He…

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What spirituality is?

I recently got into a heated Facebook debate (!), where I was asked what spirituality is.I couldn't answer then. But later I remembered what I wrote in my second book Iso ajatus:According to the ancient Greeks, we have two channels into reality. We can approach it through Logos or Mythos.Logos has meant knowledge and science…

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The wildfire of disagreement

I recently chatted with an American woman who thinks the mainstream media is lying and the pandemic is a hoax and there is no point in using masks.I tried for a moment to present different perspectives, such as perhaps the mainstream media is doing their best in this confusing situation and has ended up…

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Listen Lowly

I know, I know – its getting annoying.  Meditation seems to be everywhere.  Wall street, Super Bowl, Huffington Post, US army.  Oprah talks about it, Ellen Degeneres talks about it, The American Heart Association talks about it. Meditation is getting out of yoga studios and spiritual communities , into where life happens. It is…

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